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How do smart homes promote sustainable green living?

On a normal day, what would you do if you forgot to switch off the geyser or air-conditioner before stepping out of office? 

Some of you will go back home and switch it off while few would keep worrying about the mounting cost and wasted electricity throughout the
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Dholera Smart City - Sustainable Green Eco System

The first and only upcoming smart city of India that has been conferred with the prestigious IGBC's Highest 'Platinum' Award, Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) in Gujarat is well-planned to be a spectacular 'Green City' and will factor in all components requir
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Future of Real Estate in major Cities Globally!

Real Estate trend seen and future expectations in some of the major global cities:
San Francisco’s rental growth in last 5 years -37%
Mumbai’s expected rental growth by 2019- 15%
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Smartest Cities of the World!!

Smart cities has become the talk of the town with Mr. Modi announcing to create 100 smart cities in India in less than a decade from now. All the news channels and papers are buzzing about its plan and development. But is it only about one country? Is the need of developing smart cities only th
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Project Funding for Indian Real Estate Sector to get Easier in the Future!

Up until now real estate project funding in India involved unfriendly norms, government restrictions, approval issues and above all resistance from conservative DNA of Indian banks to fund a project - Certainly not at all a cakewalk for Real estate developers in India till some time ago!
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Synopsis: Indian Real Estate- Opening Doors (Part 3)

So far, we have looked at how real estate in India has shaped up in the last decade and how is the industry looking up to an exponential growth in the years that follow. In this article, we shall focus on how Indian realty sector has opened up floodgates for global investors and the challenges
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Synopsis: Indian Real Estate- Opening Doors (Part 2)

In the previous part of the article, we spoke about how Indian real estate has fared in the last decade and what makes our economy one of the fastest developing economy in the world. This article shall discuss about the scope of Indian real estate going ahead and what shall lead to the growth t
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Synopsis: Indian Real Estate - Opening Doors

India is one of the fastest developing economy amongst the other developing nations; both in term of GDP growth and foreign direct investment inflow. As per sources, India shall be the third largest economy by 2028 with its GDP measuring at USD 6.6 trillion which is a huge leap from its 2012 GD
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Dholera SIR to gain as Gujarat Scored top Position for

Gujarat has been ranked as the #1 state by the World Bank on the "Ease of Doing Business in India Index", the first ever survey conducted of its kind.

It has scored 71.14% with Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand close behind at 7.12% and 63.09%.Chhattisgarh, Madhya Prades

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Smart Homes to bring a New Dimension to Affordable Housing Segment in India

The ever rising population of India is not a hidden fact. Being the second most populous country in the world with 21.9% population living under the poverty line, the income levels in the country are meager. Having a roof on the head, which also is every human’s basic necessity, is barely met
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Smart Homes: The Inspirational Realty Brand all set to build 60,000 Homes in Dholera

60,000 residential units shall be built by Smart Homes across diverse mega-residential complexes over the next 34 years in Dholera smart city. The plan is to construct 20,000 homes every 10 years to attain the ambitious fig
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DSIR Project Report Estimates the Housing Demand by 2040 to Reach 5 Lac Units

The official figures are out! The recently released detailed project report on DSIR has put the estimates of housing requirement in the smart city by 2040 at 5 lacs.

The report also speaks about how the number of homes that shall be constructed in each decade to mee

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2 million People, 5 Lacs Home, 60,000 by Smart Homes: All by 2040 in Dholera

The population of Dholera SIR by 2040 shall be 2 million. Yes, you read it right! 2 million people shall reside in a city which is currently home to only a few thousands. Thanks to the economic development the city is headed for.

Any idea, how many jobs shall be req

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Smart Homes: On a Journey to Create 60,000 Homes in Dholera

The journey has begun. Journey of constructing 60,000 residential units in Dholera smart city by the eminent real estate brand: Smart Homes Infrastructure Ltd. The target year has been set as 2040 and the strategy thought of to achieve th
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If you wish to settle down in Dholera, there is no better place than Smart Homes residential dwellings

The best homes in Dholera are being built by the brand from Singapore origin: Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. With a vision to create 60,000 affordable homes in t
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20,000 homes per decade is the new resolution of Smart Homes

With the beginning of each new decade in Dholera till the city is fully developed, Smart Homes has resolved to build 20,000 residential housing options in each decade. Therefore 60,000 homes shall be developed by the iconic
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Smart Homes shall soar high on Dholera skyline- 60,000 residential units in making

As skyscrapers shall define the skyline of Dholera, Smart Homes shall etch its name along the real estate realm of the city. With 60,000 residential units planned in the next 3 decades, Smart Homes shall become a significant brand in maki
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Best Architectural Projects of the World

Few buildings go on to have a life of their own – A life that spells the marvelous architecture and artisans that crafted it with their finesse and expertise. Such buildings become a part of the world’s heritage, a tourists not to be missed fantasy. We have listed the top ten most inspirati
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Construction materials used in India!

India is a land of various cultures and geographical variations leading to varied housing and dwelling seen in different parts of the country. It varies from “Kuccha” architecture in rural areas involving usage of mud, grass, bamboo, thatch or sticks that are naturally available creating im
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Delay in Handing over the Possession of Homes to end user!

Have you booked a home and been promised delivery in next two years? Are your finances planned accordingly? If yes, then unfortunately you belong to the same section of people who are waiting for their homes to be built and delivered long after the promised date has come and gone. The same mass
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Dholera SIR shall be developed into a Mega City!

A city that shall be twice the size of Delhi and six times the size of Shanghai – We are talking about the mega city of Dholera SIR. The first smart city of India, development for which has begun.

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Dholera Smart City Initiative Leads to 100 Smart Cities of India

Dholera SIR, conceptualized as the first smart city of India by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, is being followed by another 100 smart cities.

Of the 98 smart cities announced by the Ministry of Urban Development, six smart cities shall be developed in Gujarat. These
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Smart Homes emerging as a leading infrastructure brand in Smart Cities of India

Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. is emerging as a leading brand in Indian real estate industry, especially in the affordable housing segment in Smart cities of India. The company is an Indian arm of an established entity in Singapore, Smart Infrastructure Pte Limited.

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Smart Homes to dominate Dholera Real Estate Space by 2025

The fast growing real estate markets of Dholera shall have just one dominant player: Smart Homes Infrastructure Limited.

In anticipation of the rise in population in the smart city, Smart Homes shall develop 20,000 world class residential housing units by the year 2025.
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20,000 Homes to be Developed in 10 years: Smart Homes shall be the First Choice of People in Dholera

In a period of ten years starting 2016, Smart Homes, India’s leading real estate brand shall develop 20,000 homes in India’s first smart city: Dholera. 

With a target to build over 1 lakh housing units in the 100 smart cities that shall gradually develop in Ind
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Dholera shall be a Land of 1 Lakh Residents by 2019: Smart Homes to Cater to their Housing Demand

Dholera, the city of hope against the persistent problem of rapid urbanization shall soon house 1 lakh people. As per Ajay Bhadoo, Managing Director, Dholera SIR, Dholera shall be ready with initial industrial units and requir
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How feasible is the vision of providing

How viable is the vision of the central government seeking housing for all by 2022? Would it be a cakewalk for the new government or one demanding major changes in the entire framework? Let’s take a peek into it and attempt ascertaining the challenges and possible solutions.
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Affordable Housing - A Key growth Driver in the Real Estate Sector

The big dream is to have housing for all Indians by the year 2022! Over the last decade India has seen a demographic transformation in terms of rising urbanization, increased number of nuclear families and rise in income level thus creating an ever- widening gap between the demand and supply of
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8 Reasons why India needs to build Smart Cities!

Is there actually a need for Smart Cities in India? Can the existing cities accommodate the fast growing population? Can the lifestyle improve with smart infrastructure? Can access to education and medical emergencies for every Indian become a reality?

Having said that,
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Hong Kong & Singapore- Gateway to the World!

Hong Kong and Singapore are serving as a gateway of opportunities attracting an ever increasing number of countries including India to be a preferred platform for new business start-up or to expand the already existing business and taking it to global levels! Earlier the trend for setting up co
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Trillion Dollar Baby: Indian Real Estate Industry!!!

The Indian Real estate Industry will be a Trillion dollar Industry in years to come. An opportunity not to be missed or ignored globally...

As per KPMG reports, India needs an investment to the tune of US$ 2 trillion by the year 2022 to achieve the vision of "Housing fo
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Interested to buy Residential Plots in Dholera, what all you should know?

Dholera property markets seem interesting to you? Are you considering it for investment purpose or would like to live in the city? Whatever the case may be, before going ahead and purchasing a property in India’s first smart city, there is certain information that one should compile about Dho
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Things to know While Buying a Residential Plot in Dholera

Dholera SIR, the biggest Greenfield project of India and the first smart city to be developed has started gaining fame amongst investors.

Once you enter the city, it is easy to notice ongoing construction sites throughout Dholera and outskirts. Reputed developers from a
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Dedicated Freight Corridor to Augment India's Manufacturing Possibilities

The high speed Dedicated Freight Corridor as approved by Government of India, shall be built along 1483 kilometers with its two ends at Jawaharlal Nehru Port near Mumbai and Dadri in NCR. The corridor shall pass through the states of Uttar Pradesh, National Capital Region of Delhi, Haryana, Raj
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Real Estate Bill to Positively Influence FDI Inflows

As per Nomura report, the new real estate bill passed on March 10th 2016 by the upper house is expected to drive FDI inflows in the real estate markets of India.

The report said “Mandatory disclosures and registration may reduce black money transactions in this sector
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Smart Homes: The Ultimate Choice for Investors!

Smart Homes Infrastructure Ltd, an emerging name in the top real estate brands of India is being considered as an ideal investment option for property onlookers. The blue-chip brand is the Indian arm of the Singapore based realty firm, Smart Infrastructure PTE Ltd which is reputed for developin
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Chennai's popularity to be soon overshadowed by Dholera SIR

Chennai like Dholera SIR has made its way to the recent list of first 20 smart cities of India declared by the central government. With this, the city has been entitled to an approximate initial funding of Rs. 2,000 crore from the government. While most of the naïve citizens shall consider it
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Smart Homes Creates a Residential Revolution in Dholera SIR

Smart Homes Infrastructure Private Limited has initiated the creation of revolutionary residential townships in Dholera SIR of sizes that could only be dreamt of a while ago. The Indian arm of Singapore based real estate multinational is all set to re-define the lifestyle of the residents livin
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All About the 100 Smart Cities- What, How and When?

Perpetual discussions on smart cities like Dholera Smart City has become quite a popular phenomenon. Everyone seems to be talking about it. People are talking about it as a solution to rapid urbanization while economists are terming as a propellant to accelerate economic growth. Let us summariz
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Rs. 1000 Crore Being Invested in Dholera Airport

An enormous sum of Rs. 1,000 crore has been set aside for smart city Dholera airport by the Modi government as per a recent report.

The ancient port city located near the Gulf of Khambat shall soon be seen exhibiting a massive international airport. Smart city Dholera, is t

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How Super Built up Area, Built up Area and Carpet Area differ from Each Other?

The India smart city plan has created a stir in the investors and buyers of India. While everyone is looking at it as a golden opportunity to invest their funds in, few understand the difference in terms like Super Built up Area, Built up Area and Carpet Area which are important to know befo

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Unfathomable Capital Ready to be invested in Smart City of Dholera

The foundation for smart city Dholera has been strongly laid with billions of funds ready to be invested in the region by popular multinational giants.

A state of art logistic hub shall be developed by Singapore Based Capitaland Investment Trust along through

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Uttar Pradesh Leads the Pack with 13 Smart Cities Nominated

As the NDA government mission of Smart cities and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation scheme (AMRUT) gains pace, Uttar Pradesh is seen leading the numbers with 13 smart cities and 54 cities under AMRUT cities scheme nominated within the state, highest in the country

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Dholera SIR– Development at a Glance

Dholera Special Investment Region is said to be ahead of all the smart cities in terms of development – Let us take a look at the progress on the project as well as into the minds of people residing there

It is the first smart city amongst the seven nodes to

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No politics on Dadri incident: Union Minister Mahesh Sharma

Dadri: As BJP came under intensified attack over the killing of man here over rumour that he had eaten beef, Union Minister Mahesh Sharma today said parties should refrain from playing politi