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Water Treatment Plant

The Dholera Industrial City Development(DICDL) has undertaken the implementation of 50 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Dholera in Ahmedabad District. Dholera water treatment plant will surely contribute its maximum to the greenfield city creating new Gujarat within Gujarat. Let’s look at the detailed information about water treatment plant in Dholera SIR.

Water Treatment Plan

Project Information

Name of the Project: Implementation of 50 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Dholera in Ahmedabad District.

About Project: At Town Planning 1 the project envisages implementation of water treatment plant & clean water reservoir. Potable water transmission main & master balancing reservoir(PW) at TP2E in DSIR, Dholera in Ahmedabad district.

Name of Contractor: SPML Infra Limited

Cost of the Project: 94.85

Sector: Water Sanitation

Sub Sector: Water Treatment Plants

Capacity: 50.0 MLD(Millions Liter Per Day)

Location: Gujarat

Government/Non-Government: Government

Project Status: Under Development


Water Treatment Plant Dholera

The water treatment plant will be developed with the most innovative technology to fulfill all demands of this greenfield city. Water Treatment Plant as the name suggests will provide the basic requirements of potable water for the Industrial, Residential, Commercial and other developments in Activation Area. Water treatment removes contaminants & undesirable substances or reduces their concentration so that water becomes ready for its end uses like drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance & many other uses.

Dholera Smart City Water Treatment Plant will surely create the better systems by processing water for its final usage. Moreover, 40 MLD Desalination Plant costing 276.75 crore with total construction cost 405.95 crore having total project cost 499.16 crore will make water drinkable for consumption. Drinking water produced by desalination plants is monitored and tested in the same way as water from filtration plant.

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