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Dholera International Airport

Dholera International airport shall be built 20 kilometers from the Dholera SIR and 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad. 1700 hectares of land has been set aside by the authority for development of the massive Dholera Airport. It is going to be one of the biggest airports in the world with world class features. The airport project is one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the city.

The Dholera airport shall also be termed as Federa international airport as it shall be built close to Federa in Ahmedabad district. A game changer indeed, the Dholera airport project shall seamlessly connect the smart city to all important cities across the globe. This shall enhance the cities scope for becoming a global trading and manufacturing hub with the foreign investors having easy access to the place.

A special purpose vehicle, Dholera International Airport Company Ltd (DIACL) has been formed to develop the Dholera airport in an orderly manner. As per its brochure, it is proposed to have two runways

measuring 4,000 meters and 2,900 meters in length. This is going to be a massive airport with a world class amenities and features in the airport.

Dholera international airport is expected to take over the heavy traffic from Ahmedabad airport in the next five years and serve as an alternative to the Ahmedabad airport. The airport is also expected to make a better international hub than Dubai and shall cut short the distance between Heathrow and Singapore flight by 322 kilometers. Thus helping passengers save time.

It is being anticipated that Dholera airport shall be instrumental in attracting huge investment inflows into the smart city paving way for better and smarter development. Investors across the globe are very keen to invest in the places nearby airport and are excited to do so as well. It is anticipated the areas nearby airport will develop soon as compared to other areas.

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