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Dholera Solar Power Plant

The Expert panel directing the activities identified with the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) has prescribed that the primary period of the 1 GW sun oriented power undertaking can begin in the between tidal territories. This limit is a piece of the 4,400 MW Solar Power Park at Dholera Special Investment Region, close to Gulf of Khambat.

Be that as it may, the panel has advanced a few conditions.

The board of trustees has discovered that around 8,000 hectares (ha) fall under CRZ-1B. This is a between tidal zone and is a profoundly disintegrating region. These mudflats are environmentally exceptionally touchy, and its qualities ought not be changed.

Along these lines, the board of trustees has suggested that a disintegration displaying study spreading over 30 years ought to be done. The advisory group has likewise requested that the undertaking engineers study the ascent of ocean level and related dangers for the following 30 years.

Aside from this, the panel saw that the district falls under Central Asia flyway of transient winged creatures and subsequently the potential effect on transitory feathered creatures should be surveyed. Along these lines, leeway from the Standing Committee of Wildlife would be fundamental.

The board of trustees will further look at the issue for the expansion of outstanding limit of the sun oriented park after the examinations on disintegration demonstrating, the ascent in ocean level and effect on the transient winged creature are finished.

The task designers would likewise need to embrace a gigantic afforestation program in the locale to battle likely ascent in surrounding temperature because of establishments of sun based PV boards. This ought to be executed all the while during the usage of the venture. Nonetheless, no afforestation should be possible on non-vegetated mudflats.

Here are some different conditions -

  • No mudflats and interfacing between tidal streams are to be contacted during the usage of the task.
  • No mudflats and interfacing between tidal streams are to be contacted during the usage of the task.
  • A outsider (an outer office of notoriety) will be delegated for supervision/checking of proposed exercises Earlier, Dholera Special Investment Regional Development Authority (Government of Gujarat) had made an introduction to the council about the undertaking.
Here are a portion of the focuses made in their introduction -

  • The Government of Gujarat has turned out with a proposition to set up the world's biggest sunlight based power park of 4,400 MW limit at Dholera.
  • The all out land zone of DSIR is around 920 sq. km of which 520 sq. km has been distributed for town arranging and roughly 400 sq. km falls under CRZ of Gulf of Khambhat.
  • The proposed Solar Power Park will cover the place that is known for about 8,594.95 (hectare) ha, of which 7,949.17 ha fall under CRZ-1B, 204.34 ha in CRZ-III, 5.03 ha in CRZ-IVB and 436.40 ha in non-CRZ zone.
  • The all out zone accessible for the advancement of sun powered park subsequent to cutting out the 'No-go' territories of salt bogs, mud-pads, mangroves and blended regions inside these land highlights would be to the tune of 8,594.95 ha of which the proposed sunlight based venture would involve a zone of around 8,252 ha.
  • The site contacts the Gulf of Khambhat on the eastern side and waterway Sukhbhadar goes through the northern side of the unique speculation locale.
  • There are no eco-delicate regions inside 2-3 km of the site. The closest eco-delicate site of Velvadar Black Buck haven is around 4 km south-west from the closest sun powered plot arranged.

As of late, Mercom revealed that the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL) gave a Request for Selection for the acquisition of 1,000 MW of intensity from framework associated sun powered photovoltaic power ventures situated in Dholera Solar Park (stage V).