Dholera SIR ( Special Investment Region )

Dholera Sir Gujarat

Dholera SIR ( Special Investment Region ) spanning 920 square kilometers is located in the state of Gujarat and is the first smart city of India that is being envisioned as a global manufacturing and trading hub owing to its proximity to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. The region is being looked at as an engine for the economic resurgence of India and is therefore an important agenda on Indian Governmentís list of affairs. A special investment node on the DMIC Corridor, the city is envisaged to be 6 times the size of Shanghai and 2 times the size of Delhi.

Dholera SIR Gujarat shall experience superb connectivity through its linkage with metro rail, express highway, sea port and Federa international airport. Its proximity to Gujarat International Finance TechCity (GIFT), Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Region (PCPIR) and logistics support from Dedicated Freight Corridor (DMIC) shall add immense value to the project. A high access corridor is included in the plan and shall consist of City Center, Industrial, Logistic, Knowledge & IT, Recreation & Sports and Entertainment.

The region shall have autonomy in operations and shall adopt Information and Communication Technology in all arenas. With robust infrastructure and premium civic amenities blended with availability of land at low cost and strong government support, the region shall serve to be a great investment opportunity for local and global investors.

Dholera has been sanctioned Rs. 2,784 crores for development of trunk infrastructure project which is expected to commence in 2015-16 and get completed by 2018-19. Alternative funding arrangement shall have to be made through PPP model and FDIís. The key components of trunk infrastructure consist of roads and services, phase I of ABCD building, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and common effluent plant.

The Dholera SIR project is being supervised by a Special Purpose Vehicle in partnership with state and central government, each represented by DMIDC Trust and Dholera Special Investment Regional Development Authority (DSIRDA) respectively.

Sir Dholera
Smart City Dholera SIR

The project aims to double the employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports within the next five years.

DSIR Location and Connectivity

Dholera is a port town encompassing 22 villages and situated in the Gulf of Khambhat region of Ahmedabad district in Gujarat. The region spans 920 Sq. Km of which 567.39 Sq. Km is the developable land. Its proximity to important towns of Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara makes it an excellent place for doing business. Surrounded by water bodies on three sides, the place is located along the coastal line of Gujarat.

Distance of Dholera from important cities

Important Cities Distance (in km)
Mumbai 516
Delhi 815
Surat 278
Jamnagar 313
Rajkot 225
Gandhinagar 128

Dholera aims to be a global hub for manufacturing and trading activities and the vision finds support through its strategic location and vicinity to the DMIC corridor (Less than 100 kilometers). The National Highway 8 connects the smart city seamlessly to Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. To augment the connectivity further, the city shall also be connected with the 500 km Mumbai- Ahmedabad- Vadodara Express way.

The Federa International Airport has also been approved and shall be constructed 20 kilometers from Dholera connecting the port city to the leading global cities. Metro connectivity and railway route has also been planned for Dholera. In order to ensure connectivity by all means, a port site has also been proposed in the region and 2,057 hectares (Approx) of Government Land has been approved for it.

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