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Current Status

Dholera SIR current status is much in demand by the investor community so that they may initiate the step of investing in this massive project at the apt time and apt price. Investors are very much keen to be updated with the happening in the city. Be it an investor in a residential projects or commercial project investor. Everyone is keen to know what is happening in Dholera and how their investments will attract appreciation.To give everyone an overview, Dholera SIR is the largest smart city to be developed in India and work has begun in full force. To get a better understanding on the Dholera SIR current status, we need to understand its development stage, arrangement of funds and future plans. Let us take a look at the same page.A quick glance on the below mentioned points shall enable readers to understand Dholera SIR current status and the route ahead:-

  • 3,000 crore (appx) has been sanctioned be central government for the project
  • Trunk Infrastructure components are being built on 22.5 Sq. Km activation area
  • Extensive network has been planned through a 6 lane highway ,railways, road, metro and Airport.
  • Key update on Dholera SIR current status is that approval is received from AAI to build an international airport 20 kilometers from the smart city. 1700 hectares of land has been allocated for the purpose.
  • IBM and CISCO appointed as master planners for the project
  • Project divided into 6 town planning scheme (TP1 – TP6) of which TP1 is for residential housing purpose.
  • Project to be completed by 2040 and is divided into 3 phases of development.

The above Dholera SIR current status are key indicators to the ongoing developments in Dholera and can be referred to for decision making purposes.

Current Status Of Dholera

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