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ABCD Building - Administrative Cum Business Centre for Dholera

ABCD Building is Administration Cum Business Center for Dholera , Its the Central admin office of Dholera Greenfield Smart city. It is been constructed in TP2 West part (Phase 1) and is located in commercial zone (KNOWLEDGE AND IT ZONE ).

ABCD Building Dholera is directly connected to the 55m arterial road which connects to the expressway. The site will accommodate the offices of the development agencies along with a command & control centre & a skill development centre in a total built-up area of 36,000sqm. The building for the Regional Development Authority (RDA) is envisaged to be a LEED GOLD rated building with facilities to accommodate the entire employees required by the RDA for the city of Dholera Smart City.

ABCD Building Dholera

The 9 hectare site is strategically located within the parcel on a civic axis opening a vista towards a large green space.

Backed by technology, all legal permissions will be administered through the single window clearance feature of this building. Through this one doesn’t need to visit different counters to get any legal work done. Additionally, the structure would operate as the command & control center for ICT & scada sensors. Meaning, in case there’s even a minor fire anywhere in the city, these scada sensors will immediately report it to the ABCD building Dholera.

ABCD Building Dholera SIR

Administrative Cum Business Centre for Dholera includes the following offices :

  1. Dholera Industrial City Development Limited
  2. Dholera SIR Development Authority
  3. Dholera International Airport Company Limited
  4. Office of the Town Planning Officer
  5. State bank of India
  6. Almondz Global Securities LImited
  7. STUP Consultants Private Limited
  8. Montecarlo Limited
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