Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

Dholera Dmic

Delhi Mumbai Corridor is a revolutionary infrastructure project undertaken by the Government of India with an objective to develop industries and spur economic development in India. The corridor which spans 1483 kilometers shall run through six states namely Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, Southern Haryana, Eastern Rajasthan, Eastern Gujarat, and Western Maharashtra.

It is estimated to be a $100 billion project and an initial fund of Rs. 10 billion has been set up through a joint agreement between India and Japan and equal contributions from both the countries. Majority of the subsequent funding requirements shall be met through Public Private Partnerships and Foreign Direct Investments.

A Dedicated Freight Corridor shall be built along DMIC and serve as a backbone for the project by providing logistic support, enabling manufacturing activities and optimizing cost efficiency that aims to make cost of manufacturing along the corridor the lowest in the world. 24

special investment nodes have been planned along the corridor with an objective of facilitating businesses of any nature, creating provisions for resources, abating land acquisition issues leading to smooth setting up of factories and enabling connectivity with entire nation through cheap and fast transportation. Many smart cities such as Dholera SIR shall be built along the corridor and the corridor shall also lead to development of various industrial townships with extensive linkage through rail, road and ports.

The corridor shall influence 17% of the total country and a total population of 173.4 million. Conceived as a global manufacturing and trading hub, it shall result in generating 3 million employment opportunities and is likely to serve as a turning point in the economic progress of India.

The largest portion of the corridor shall pass through Gujarat (565 kilometers) creating vast economic opportunities in the state. 6 of the 24 investment nodes have been proposed in Gujarat itself with Dholera SIR being one of them. It shall generate over 8 lakh employment in Gujarat and one third of the total amount expected to be invested in the DMIC project shall be invested in Gujarat alone.

The largest infrastructure development ever attempted in India, DMIC envisages creating a strong economic base with globally competitive environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to activate local commerce, enhance foreign investments and attain sustainable development.

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