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Interested to buy Residential Plots in Dholera, what all you should know?

 Dholera Project
Posted: 2016-06-01 09:10:37 by smarthomes

Interested to buy Residential Plots in Dholera, what all you should know?

Dholera property markets seem interesting to you? Are you considering it for investment purpose or would like to live in the city? Whatever the case may be, before going ahead and purchasing a property in India’s first smart city, there is certain information that one should compile about Dholera and certain checks and measures that one is advised to follow.

About Dholera

Dholera has been identified as the first smart city to be developed in India. Not only shall it combat the problem of rapidly rising urbanization but shall also elevate standard of living of those dwelling within by being developed as a self-sustainable city with provisions for good infrastructure and basic civic amenities.

The biggest Greenfield smart city shall encompass 920 square kilometers and shall be built 6 times the size of Shanghai. About Rs. 5,400 crore have been sanctioned by central government for development of various projects in the city, the most significant one being construction of Dholera International Airport. The airport is meant to connect Dholera seamlessly to the world and to act as a catalyst for foreign investments in the city.

As of now, about 30 developers are constructing massive residential townships on the outskirts of Dholera and projects are soon expected to start developing within the city. Once the basic infrastructure and roads and services are constructed in Dholera, the city shall develop at a brisk pace.

Checks and measures before buying a property in Dholera.

Few things that a buyer should always observe while buying a property in the smart city:-

• Property within and outside Dholera shall attract same appreciation and thus deliver similar ROI.

• Most of the properties in the city are being sold on Super Built up Area basis. Buyers should be well versed with the real estate terminologies to avoid any confusion at a later stage.

• In case any property is sold on Carpet Area, a buyer should expect the per unit price to be 35% inflated than a property being sold on Super Built up Area.

• Never avoid going through the developer’s terms and conditions. A careful scrutiny of the same shall help avoid any malpractices.

• Always visit the property site and visually verify the plot number and details before taking a decision.

• Always ask for complete details about the project and associated amenities.

• Check all the documents of the land such as Clear Title, NA, Plan Pass Copy and Government records such as number 6, 7/12, 8A and last 50 years land records.
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