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Things to know While Buying a Residential Plot in Dholera

 Dholera International Airport
Posted: 2016-05-30 09:18:10 by smarthomes

Things to know While Buying a Residential Plot in Dholera

Dholera SIR, the biggest Greenfield project of India and the first smart city to be developed has started gaining fame amongst investors.

Once you enter the city, it is easy to notice ongoing construction sites throughout Dholera and outskirts. Reputed developers from all over the country have identified the upcoming real estate boom in Dholera and have therefore started developing multi acre residential townships in the city. Investors are also seen getting attracted to the city and purchase of property is constantly on the rise.

If you are purchasing a residential plot in Dholera, you should be aware of certain facts to ensure that you crack a good deal at reasonable price. Whether the purpose of purchase is for self-use or for investments, Smart Homes, the visionary developer presents to you a list of ‘Things to know about Dholera and while buying a Residential plot in Dholera’:-

Dholera is the maiden smart city of India whose development is personally encouraged by Mr. Modi, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of our country. Besides, it is the largest Greenfield smart city to be developed. Thus the scope for economic progress and development is beyond imagination.

• Most of the current development activities are taking place in the outskirts of Dholera SIR. More than 30 developers are developing residential townships in villages outside Dholera SIR such as Pacchham, Akru, Ratanpur, Valinda, Fedara, Navagaam, Pipli and Kamiyala.

• Roads and services in the city shall soon be constructed by L&T and earmark development activities within Dholera SIR as well.

• Appreciation of property within Dholera and in the outskirts is expected tobe at similar rates.

• Most of the plots in the city are being sold by quoting ‘Super Area’ by the developers. Buyers should understand the term well and strike a transaction accordingly.

• In case any plot is sold on ‘Carpet Area’, the unit price shall increase proportionately to match the ‘Super Area’ unit price. An average increase of 35% in price can be expected by buyers if the plot is being purchased on ‘Carpet Area’ basis.

• Carefully read the amenities promised by the developer at the time of purchase and ask for a list of the same.

• Please go through all the policy details and terms and conditions mentioned by the developer in the offer documents and on their websites for absolute clarity.

Dholera International Airport has been approved and shall be operational by 2020. This was an important step towards making Dholera a global trading and manufacturing hub as planned.
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