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20,000 homes per decade is the new resolution of Smart Homes

 Dholera City
Posted: 2016-07-06 07:36:05 by smarthomes

20,000 homes per decade is the new resolution of Smart Homes

With the beginning of each new decade in Dholera till the city is fully developed, Smart Homes has resolved to build 20,000 residential housing options in each decade. Therefore 60,000 homes shall be developed by the iconic real estate brand in Dholera by the end of 2040.

Construction activities in Dholera, India’s maiden smart city have begun as the trunk infrastructure components are being constructed on an activation area spread across 22.5 square kilometers. The city is expected to get fully developed by the year 2040 and as per latest report shall be ready to live in earliest by 2019. By 2019, one lakh residents would have moved into the city which shall be ready with initial infrastructure set up and industrial set up.

The population shall continue to grow by leaps and bounds and touch 2 million by the year 2040. The city is being built on a self-sustainable model and therefore shall create 8 lakh new employment opportunities by 2040 to enable the newly moved population earn their livelihood and reside in Dholera. The population mix shall contain people from all strata of society including those bearing the role of labor, executive and managerial class. Thus, it is imperative for the city to have residential housing options that shall cater to each income levels, of which units that are affordable to live in shall be mainly required.

As per estimated figure, 5 lakh new residential units shall be constructed in Dholera by 2040 to meet the housing needs of the residents. The construction plan has been divided thoughtfully in three phases depending upon the population expected to move in the city in each decade. 5 lakh units have been divided in a phase wise manner as mentioned below:-
  • The first phase has begun and shall end in 2020. 1.24 lac homes shall be created in this phase to accommodate the slow movement of population in Dholera.
  • The second phase covers a period from 2020 to 2030. The construction activities shall be put on fast track in this phase as the city’s development paces up and more than double homes shall be built as compared to the initial phase.
  • The last phase shall cover a decade which shall end in 2040. During this phase, 1.33 lac residential housing options shall be constructed in the city.
  • Over 30 developers have begun constructing housing projects in Dholera and its outskirts which serve as good investment option besides being suitable for live in.Given the current prices of land in Dholera, investors can expect 2-3 times returns over a short span of time.

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