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If you wish to settle down in Dholera, there is no better place than Smart Homes residential dwellings

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Posted: 2016-07-11 08:36:49 by smarthomes

If you wish to settle down in Dholera, there is no better place than Smart Homes residential dwellings

The best homes in Dholera are being built by the brand from Singapore origin: Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. With a vision to create 60,000 affordable homes in the smart city by 2040, the developer has embarked its journey to provide Dholera residents with a home that they can call their ‘very own paradise.’

Smart Homes shall create 20,000 homes in each decade and be instrumental in meeting the housing demand that shall grow in the city in years to come. As per DSIR project report, 1.24 lac homes shall be built in Dholera by 2020, over 3.67 lacs by 2030 and the residential housing capacity of the city shall increase to 5 lacs units by 2040; the year by when Dholera is expected to be completely developed.

The real estate brand intends to use ICT to its advantage in buildings smart homes which shallsave residents the cost of utilities along with optimization of energy efficiency. The mega residential housing complexes shall be overflowing with amenities for comfort living and contain ample space for gardens, parks and play areas.

Beside Smart Homes, 30 other real estate brands have begun construction activities in the region. On a visit to Dholera, one may now notice many projects under development within the city and also on its outskirts. While most of the people who shall work in DSIR shall live within the city periphery, some who would be employed in the suburban industrial and manufacturing units might also opt to live in the outskirts of Dholera. By 2040, the city shall be home to 2 million people while another 0.5 million shall live in the surrounding areas.

Looking back at the erstwhile small town in the Gulf of Khambhat region, the growth that Dholera has been phenomenal. The residents earlier earned their living by cultivating crops on saline land which hardly reaped any crops, thus fetching meager incomes for the farmers. The fates have changed now and boundless opportunities are ready to be grabbed by the citizens. The first smart city is now being envisaged as a global trading and manufacturing hub; something that the residents couldn’t have imagined in their most vivid dreams.

Fast track development in the city has commenced and certain important milestones have been achieved by the central and state government. Wipro Technologies has been appointed as a consultant to deploy ICT in DSIR and L&T has been given an EPC contract for construction of roads and services in the city. ABCD building construction shall now be taken up by Cube Constructions Engineering Ltd.

Dholera’s journey of success has begun and with it has taken off the mission of Smart Homes to create affordable housing units across the 100 smart cities of India.
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