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Smart Homes: The Inspirational Realty Brand all set to build 60,000 Homes in Dholera

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Posted: 2016-07-15 05:32:52 by smarthomes

Smart Homes: The Inspirational Realty Brand all set to build 60,000 Homes in Dholera

60,000 residential units shall be built by Smart Homes across diverse mega-residential complexes over the next 34 years in Dholera smart city. The plan is to construct 20,000 homes every 10 years to attain the ambitious figure.

The far-sighted brand has begun construction and initial phases of its first two projects have been completed. If one is looking for a suitable home to live in the smart city, there can be none better than those being constructed by Smart Homes. Besides high class infrastructure and flawless architecture, the developer has also paid adequate attention on quality, aesthetic appeal, amenities,usage of ICT and open space and gardens. The strategic locations shall allow the residents to commute with ease through the urban transport system that shall develop in Dholera over a period of time. The projects are also at a short distance from the 6 lane expressway and high speed metro rail, further enabling residents and investors the freedom of movement.

The mission of Smart Homes is in line with the housing demand figures released in the detailed DSIR project report. The report estimates that development of 5 lac new homes by 2040 shall become imperative for accommodating the consistent rise in population in Dholera. As per the report, about 2 million people shall reside in the smart city by such time. Of the 5 lac units, 1.24 lacs shall be constructed between 2016 and 2020, 2.40 lac units between 2020 and 2030 and the remaining 1.33 lacs between 2030 and 2040.

Apart from good place to settle down in, homes and commercial properties in Dholera are attracting the investor community. Indian and foreign investors are purchasing properties with a view of holding it for short-midterm which is expected to reap about three times return on investments. The ROI that we are talking about here is phenomenal and cannot be achieved through any other financial instrument in current times.

While the property markets in rest of the country have stagnated for some time now, it’s a different story in Dholera. Few reasons for the same are mentioned below:-

Price of property is undervalued and is certain to move up from here given the pace at which Dholera is being economically developed.

Dholera is a special investment node on the DMIC which works towards its advantage.

It is being envisaged as a global trading and manufacturing hub.

The smart city shall be well connected on local and international front thus paving way for more and more investment inflow.

It shall be built based on international standard with world class infrastructure making it the likes of Singapore and Shanghai.

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