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DSIR Project Report Estimates the Housing Demand by 2040 to Reach 5 Lac Units

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Posted: 2016-07-14 09:22:33 by smarthomes

DSIR Project Report Estimates the Housing Demand by 2040 to Reach 5 Lac Units

The official figures are out! The recently released detailed project report on DSIR has put the estimates of housing requirement in the smart city by 2040 at 5 lacs.

The report also speaks about how the number of homes that shall be constructed in each decade to meet the rise in population in Dholera in coming years. 1.24 lacs homes shall be constructed in the first decade which shall end in 2020. The construction activities in the region shall accelerate in pace in the second phase (2020-2030) and more than double number of residential housing units shall be created in this decade. The last and final phase which shall commence in 2030 and end in 2040 shall be witness to construction of 1.33 lac residential homes in Dholera.

As the city shall become a hub for economic activities and gain popularity on local and international front, more and more people shall find employment opportunities here and thus make Dholera their home. By the time development of the city gets completed in 2040, the population is expected to rise to unfathomable levels and reach 2 million. In order to accommodate the rising population, government has pre-planned the creation of 5 lakh new residential units in Dholera.

Amidst the real estate boom that has already begun in Dholera, Smart Homes has emerged as an impressive brand in the residential housing space and is on a mission to create 20,000 homes in Dholera in each phase of development, thus constructing 60,000 homes by 2040. The homes shall be made using state of art technology, qualitative raw material and use ICT to its advantage. The homes being made by the firm shall be a heavenly abode for itsresidents where they shall find comfort, peace and tranquility.

Dholera besides being a promising place to live in is also a great place for real estate investments. The property prices in the city are currently undervalued but are expected to appreciate largely in near future. This means that if one purchases homes or commercial properties/land in Dholera at its current prices and hold for a period of 3-4 years, he can expect a 2-3 times return on investment, something which no other asset class can deliver within such time period.

Smart Dholera and Dholera Smart city, the first two projects in India by Smart Homes have gone live and are highly recommended as a favorable investment options. The projects are a good mix of value homes, residential plots and villas and investors may choose amongst them depending upon their personal preferences, investment horizons and budgets.

To know more on these projects, please visit www.smart-homes.in
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