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Gujarat signs MoU to establish G-SER (Gujarat-Special Education Region) at Dholera

Posted: 2021-01-18 by smarthomes

Gujarat signs MoU to establish G-SER (Gujarat-Special Education Region) at Dholera

Gujarat signs MoU to establish G-SER (Gujarat-Special Education Region) at Dholera

Dholera is the biggest greenfield smart city being developed in the state of Gujarat. Recently, the Gujarat government has signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Cerestra Managers Private Limited. This development aims to set the Gujarat Special Education Region (G-SER) for the promotion of education initiatives in the state. G-SER seeks to offer stiff competition to leading educational organizations across the globe. This special education region is expected to spread across an area of 1000 acres.

All About Cerestra Ventures
Cerestra is the premier education infrastructure fund in the country. This Hyderabad-based private firm deals in the development and growth of real assets in the arena of education as well as life sciences. Under the ambit of its education vertical, Cerestra has set up “First in Class” educational institutes such as schools and student housing facilities. Projects have already been undertaken in Tier 1 cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Impact of Signing MoU
A major upward thrust is expected in the growth of Dholera with the signing of this MoU. It is anticipated that leading educational institutes will be attracted to setting up a base in Dholera with the signing of this MoU. All this will make Dholera a leading education hub in the city, thus attracting educational investment from major titans of the industry.
G- SER is to comprise of varied areas such as university district, discovery district, school district, and innovation district. It will be bolstered by basic infrastructure units like student housing complex, sports complex, etc. The MoU is expected to draw an investment of around Rs 10,500-crore in the region.

Dholera is a hugely aspiring project for the state. It is all set to establish new benchmarks for educational growth and infrastructural development. It will undoubtedly lay the foundation for a truly progressive educational economy in the country.

About Smart Homes Dholera

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