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Dholera SIR is All Set To Change The Economy Of Gujarat

 Smart City Dholera
Posted: 2021-06-04 by smarthomes

Dholera SIR is All Set To Change The Economy Of Gujarat

The 920 square kilometer project of establishing India’s first smart city at Dholera SIR, Gujarat has ignited the economy of the state. It has ushered innumerable opportunities that shall convert the region to a global hub for trading and manufacturing industries thus making it the most preferred investment destination.

The region is located 100 kilometers away from the dedicated freight corridor and near the Gulf of Cambay. Its nearness to the corridor lends it various economic opportunities while the possible development of a Greenfield Port in the region makes it an important place for automobile and car export. Its closeness to the city of Ahmedabad and Vadodara also makes it a lucrative investment opportunity.

Dholera CIty has the potential for housing key industries within its region. It meets the specific criteria that is required for ship-building and repairing facilities. Kutch region located nearby has a rich deposit of lignite which makes Dholera Smart City a perfect place to develop steel industries for which lignite is abundantly required. Automobiles and auto ancillaries industries shall also be set up in Dholera and it shall also be ideal for development of electronics, chemicals, cement production, and pharmaceuticals. Dholera shall also offer opportunities to set up IT/ITeS companies and companies involved in biotechnology sector also foresee much scope in the region.

In due course of time, a knowledge hub might also be developed in Dholera to give training on the above industries and also to upgrade the skill set of people who are employed or seeking employment in the above industries. A potential 3,500 megawatt power plant can also be built in the region as it has adequate facilities to host the same. The developmental plans also consist of building of a Container Freight Station within the region which shall have multi- modal logistic and value added services.

The port shall also open floodgate of opportunities for Dholera SIR with its potential to cater to ship building and ship repairing industries. Besides exporting automobiles and auto components, the port can also cater to other sectors such as engineering and steel industry.

The development of smart city in the region is also causing the value of land to grow manifold. One important feature that Dholera offers is the availability of 100-250 square kilometer of land at one stretch on which industrial development can easily happen.

The aim is to develop a self-sustaining urban centre as a part of the SIR in Gujarat under the DMIC Corridor development. Strategically located, the Ahmedabad-Dholera industrial region is close to the Dedicated Freight Corridor in central Gujarat. NH-8 connects the Dholera SIR with Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Mumbai. Also, as a part of the Golden Quadrilateral, the 500 km Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway connects the region. Hence, there are huge investments being made in Smart City Dholera and the fact that most of the land is non-agricultural has aided the process of land acquisition.

Positive sentiments for Dholera prevail amongst the government and common people dueto its potential ability to change the state’s economy within a short span of time.

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