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When Will Dholera Smart City Complete ? - Smart Homes Dholera

 Dholera Smart City Progress
Posted: 2021-05-01 by smarthomes

When Will Dholera Smart City Complete ? - Smart Homes Dholera

Everyone for one question? when will Dholera Smart City complete? Dholera SIR is right now and the government has not declared any particular timeline to complete the Dholera SIR 1st smart city. Dholera SIR official declare , phase 1 will be completed soon and after that phase 2 will pickup. Let's explain know about to Dholera Smart City progress and investment & Development.

When Will Dholera Smart City Complete ?

Dholera SIR divided in three different town planning 1 to 6 schemes.

Dholera Special investment Region is an upcoming first greenfield smart city. All phases complete smart city done by 2040.

Dholera Industrial Smart City have its own self-sustainable eco-system consisting of economic drivers through industrialization, utility & logistic park, Social Smart Infrastructure including education, health care and Other public amenities. Spanning approximately 920 sq. km.

Dhoelra SIR is 22 villages Of the Dholera Taluka in the District Of Ahmedabad.

Dholera SIR Phase 1 is planned by Hacrow UK and is now Under Constrcution For Trunk Infrastructure Work i.e Roads ranging from 12 meters to 70 meters wide , Under Ground Supplies and Non Potable water lines , underground Sewage Line , Underground Power Ducts , Under Ground ICT ducts , Storm water Management System.

Dholera SIR Development Phases:-

Development phase 1:  TP 1 (Area 51.4 sq km) & TP 2( Area 102.34 sq km)

Development phase 2:  TP3 (Area 102.34 sq km) & TP 4(Area 66.6 sq km)

Development phase 3:  TP5 (Area 74.75 sq km) & TP6(Area 67.33 sq km)

Dholera SIR TP2 part is getting ready for possession in a very short time span for anchor investors, which will activate the Dholera SIR Activation Area.

Dholera SIR is developing in phase wise so 1st phase will be done on 2022-2024. 2nd Phase will be done on 2032-35. and 3rd phase will be done on 2042-45.

What is the Current Status of Dholera SIR?

Activation Area is about 22.5 square kilometers in TP2 Inside Dholera SIR mainly have Industrial Zone will be operational in 2020. Dholera SIR will be operational from 2021 (Activation Area) and 1st Phase (TP1 & TP2) will be operational from 2023.

Dholera SIR is Linear development plan both sides of Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway inside Dholera SIR will be developed by 2030 from Town Planning 1 to Town Planning 6.

The Airport Authority of India issued Rs. 987 Crore operation of Dholera International Airport Contruction and Ahmedabad to Dholera SIR Greenfield Expressway will be completed on 2023. Ahmedabad to Dholera Rapid Metro Rail transport system will be completed on 2023 and will be extended till Bhavanagar in future.


ü  Currently, Dholera SIR development was started in March, 2016 after DICDL allotted projects to two different companies working.

ü  1st phase of 22.94 Sq KM is done now to welcome the activation area industrial companies

ü  L&T was given the contract of construction done by 72 KMs of roads at the cost of 1734 cr. 

ü  Cube Construction was given the contract to construct to ABCD Building where they will build the structure of 16500 sq.mtr at the cost of 73.00 crore.

ü  L&T is contruction  well and as per my last visit to Dholera SIR, it has completed almost 45% project where they are targeting the deadline of September, 2021.

ü  Cube construction had completed 75% of structure work where their projects deadline is September, 2020.

ü  The Dholera Industrial City Development(DICDL) has undertaken the implementation of 50 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Dholera in Ahmedabad District.

ü  Ahmedabad-Dholera Express or Dholera Metro Rail project got Environment Clearance in February, 2018 and we are expecting it’s development to be started by this year end.

ü  The Dholera International Airport is a part of Dholera SIR of Gujarat,India. The greenfield airport will be built on 1700 acres of land and 1426 hectares of Government land has been reserved for Airport at Navagam Village of Dholera Taluka in Ahmedabad District.,29 km from Dholera SIR and 80 km from Ahmedabad. Dholera greenfield international airport located at a distance of 100 kilometres South West of Ahmedabad.

ü  Dholera Smart City India's first and largest integrated solar power company, TATA Power Solar has the expertise to design fully customized Solar Power Plant Projects. TATA has installed over 17 utility-scale solar energy projects across 13 states,1.5 GW.

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