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How Super Built up Area, Built up Area and Carpet Area differ from Each Other?

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Posted: 2015-11-09 11:15:27 by smarthomes

How Super Built up Area, Built up Area and Carpet Area differ from Each Other?

The India smart city plan has created a stir in the investors and buyers of India. While everyone is looking at it as a golden opportunity to invest their funds in, few understand the difference in terms like Super Built up Area, Built up Area and Carpet Area which are important to know before buying a home.

To take full advantage of the India smart city plan you must know the basics of the real estate sector

Carpet Area – This is an area that is actually available for use to the buyers. It is termed so since it is the actual area on which carpet can be laid. This area comprises of all rooms, hall, kitchen, service room and bathroom inside a unit.

The area is calculated wall to wall from the inside of the walls excluding the thickness of the walls

Built Up Area – This area includes the carpet area plus the thickness of the walls both internal and external. It also includes additional areas included in a unit such as balconies, flower beds, etc. Built up area is usually 10-20% bigger than the carpet area.

Super Built Up Area – Super Built up Area consists of proportionate share of common entities that are affiliated to that particular society, residence or commercial space. These common amenities may include roads, parks, gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse, lift, stairs, lobby, etc. The total common area is divided proportionately amongst all unit owners depending upon the number of units in every space.

According to the India smart city plan every piece of land has to be strictly developed in a prescribed manner.

Super Built Up area is usually 35% of the entire area. This means that if a buyer is purchasing a home, 65% shall be the actual usable carpet area while 35% shall be consumed in other amenities and balconies, etc.

'General Development Control Regulations' (GDCR) is the authority in Gujarat responsible for approval of development plan of any infrastructure while the development permission is granted by Town planning and valuation department or Urban Development Authorities like AUDA and SUDA.

As per the above authorities, it is mandatory for any society to keep aside a minimum of 10% of the total area for common plot or amenities and also set aside about 20-25% of entire area for road which should at least be 7.5 metres wide. As a general norm, all plots and societies in Gujarat are sold as per Super Built up Area and not as per Carpet Area. This allows the ownership of the common area to vest with the residents in a proportionate manner once developer hands over complete responsibility. On the other hand it also means that if you are buying a flat in Gujarat which is 1,000 square feet, the actual carpet area you shall been entitled to shall just be 650 square feet.

In other parts of India where units are sold based on carpet area, the cost of unit also goes up by 30-35% since builders incorporate the prices of common area in carpet area itself.

It is therefore important for buyers to understand the area that is being sold to them under the India smart city plan and if the prices is justified in accordance to it or not.

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