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Government to set up ESIC Hospital at Dholera SIR

News Date 2021-09-02

Government to set up ESIC Hospital at Dholera SIR

Dholera SIR was made for setting up a hospital to deliver high-quality healthcare for its workers

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is in conversation with the Empolyees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) under the Ministry of Labour and Employment to allocate land for constructing around 200-bedded hospital. With the initiation of this public health system, Dholera will aim to provide affordable healthcare treatment to workers and employees of the special investment region, a statement has said.

Dholera SIR was made for setting up a hospital to deliver high-quality healthcare for its workers. As the workforce will grow due to upcoming connectivity projects and the launch of new industrial units in the special investment region, the need for a hospital is evident, paving the way for opening up new vistas of development of the hinterland, it added.

The statement notified that the ministry has accepted and has initiated the proposal submitted by Dholera Industrial City Development for setting up an ESIC hospital as DSIR has already identified a land parcel for the hospital in the activation area. As of now (22.54 sq km) is being developed in phase-I of the activation area out of 920 sq km. It will impact the development at the DSIR since Dholera is experiencing immigration in the form of skilled and unskilled labourers for the ongoing construction activities in and around the activation area.

Speaking in this regard, Hareet Shukla, IAS, Managing Director, Dholera Industrial City Development, said, “We are pleased to announce that the Ministry has approved our request and a dialogue has been initiated with the officials from the state ESIC for setting up an ESI Hospital Dholera SIR. This would greatly benefit the workers and, in turn, will be a great push for the region’s development. The healthcare facility will serve not only the existing employees and workers, but also the futuristic development due to existing and proposed connectivity projects.”

ESIC has examined the matter and obtained preliminary reports to ascertain the feasibility of setting up an ESIC hospital at Dholera, as it already meets the minimum norms of Insured Persons (IPs) required to set up an ESIC hospital, the statement further mentioned.

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