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Posted: 2016-06-24 04:45:43 by smarthomes

20,000 Homes to be Developed in 10 years: Smart Homes shall be the First Choice of People in Dholera

In a period of ten years starting 2016, Smart Homes, India’s leading real estate brand shall develop 20,000 homes in India’s first smart city: Dholera. 

With a target to build over 1 lakh housing units in the 100 smart cities that shall gradually develop in India, Smart Homes has begun construction in Dholera and marked its strong presence through its residential housing mega projects: Dholera Smart city and Smart Dholera. Strategically located, the residential dwelling units shall become the preferred choice of investors and residents alike due to various other favorable factors; thoughtful architecture, robust construction, seamless linkage to urban transport system, excellent amenities and top-notch safety form a handful of such aspects.

The real estate company finds its roots in Singapore based Smart Infrastructure PTE Limited. Managing Director, Meenakshi Khurana states that “We are focused at creating value homes for our customers. The units built by us shall be reasonably priced and equipped with all possible amenities to ensure the comfort of residents and to meet their basic and recreational requirements. As Dholera is being planned as a trading and manufacturing hub, most of the people who would move in the city shall belong to the low-mid level income group and thus demand for value homes shall be on the rise.”

In a recent confirmation from Mr. Ajay Bhadoo, the initial industrial set up of Dholera shall be completed by 2019. So shall be the infrastructure set up in the city. He said that about 1 lakh people shall move in the smart city by 2019 and find employment in Dholera. Smart Homes aspire to cater to a section of such population and meet their housing demand. The rush can be visibly noticed in its pace of development. The maiden phases of both projects have been completed and launched and construction has begun in full swing on the remaining phases. Smart Homes shall continue building residential units in the city till 2040 and beyond.

Dholera has been divided into 6 town planning schemes with scheme 1 being distinctly set aside for residential housing. The city shall reach the finishing line by 2040 and shall be developed in three different phases. The ICT set up in Dholera shall be done in consultation with Wipro Technologies which has recently been appointed as the consulting partner for the project.

While government is funding the project and extending full support in all aspects, enormous funding amount is expected to get pumped into the city through PPP and foreign investors. It shall not be long before when Dholera shall become an economic driver for India and a model city that others shall follow.